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Plan your Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide. (Find Cheap tickets)

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs from the 3rd to the 27th of August 2018 in Scotland, and showcases talent from around the world.  It is not the same as the Edinburgh International festival. ‘The Fringe’ is an open access arts festival. This means that anyone who wants to put on a show in Edinburgh can register, pay a fee and find a venue. There is no selection process. It is great fun for visitors as you experience the unique genius and creativeness of this non stop 3 week event.

Photo: Lou Armor@shutterstock

August in Scotland is mad, crazy busy.  Accommodation is at a premium as the performers are staying in the city plus camera crews. The Military Tattoo starts in August and did I mention the Book Festival?  This tented village caters for over 1000 authors, in over 800 events for all ages. Starts 11-27th Aug 2018.
TICKETS – Let’s start with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The first thing you need is a copy of the brochure.  It is impossible to scroll through 3000 shows in over 300 venues. It is easier to narrow your search by comedy/music/theatre or childrens shows. The simplest way to get your hands on a brochure is to order one.

  1. Join the mailing list to get updates and newsletter. The 2018 brochure /printed programme is available from June 6th.
  2.  The ticket booking line is 0131 226 0000. 
  3. You can pre-order a free copy but you will have to pay postage and packaging. There is also a fringe app which will help you to find your venue or you can pick up a written map in any of the main ticket locations or collect a brochure in local book stores and many cafe dotted around the city from June.

Cheap tickets at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

Edinburgh has a free festival and last year offered a record breaking 400 shows. There is usually a hat passed around at the end of the show for donations. The aim of the free festival is to make the fringe accessible to all and is run by Laughing Horse festivals. I am writing this article in February so the list of venues and performers is not available but you can follow them on Facebook or on twitter, freefringefest.

Top tips to find cheap Edinburgh fringe offers.

1. Visiting the preview shows. These are offered at discounted prices usually at the start of August while performers test the water. However, remember that student and OAP are offered concessions on full price tickets only.

2. The Virgin half price hut is a must and can be found at the bottom of the Mound on Princes street. Unsold tickets are available here for same day shows and usually a good selection of shows for the next morning.

3. The Festival fringe has an app which also offers 2 for 1 tickets on selected shows or join the friends of the fringe and you get 2 for 1 deals.

Virgin half price hut in Edinburgh, cheap tickets
Virgin half price hut in Edinburgh@shutterstock

You may think how much to join? However the Canny Scott shares the expense with a friend and you both get to try lots of different shows.

There are free shows daily on the Royal Mile and it is a great place to soak up the festival atmosphere. Many people are confused if they find themselves on the Canongate or High street or Castlehill or the Lawnmarket, these are the sections that make up the Royal Mile. The free shows tend to be on the section of St Giles Cathedral, one block down from Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Royal mile free shows at the Festival fringe@shutterstock

Navigating the Shows – Timing is everything.  Okay on a map you might think, we have plenty of time to get to the Pleasance or the Underbelly.  Please, do not under estimate how much longer it takes when there are thousands of people milling through the streets of Edinburgh. It can be over whelming at times and I would urge you not to travel by car in the city centre. Parking is already at a premium and unless you have £3.80 an hour to spare for parking, then walk. The local buses hardly move with the volume of traffic.


Edinburgh Fringe Venues – The Pleasance at Edinburgh University.

Late comers: If  you are late you may find that you are denied access until the break which means you miss half the show. Be punctual. Late arrivals are also at the mercy of the comedian….  Why do you think the front row is always empty? You become part of the show..

Show times: The late shows go on until 3am and they can be really good fun if you are a night owl. These events tend to be at the Pleasance which is a fabulous venue, part of the University with outdoor bars, seating areas, food, good atmosphere and plenty of shows on offer.

HOW MANY FESTIVAL FRINGE SHOWS IN A DAY?  How big is your wallet? How many people are travelling with you and what are the age groups?  Buggies and wheelchairs can be difficult to navigate through the huge crowds especially at the weekends. Children are usually early to rise, just get up and do early shows. Children will not want to spend all day traipsing through huge crowds so you will have to introduce some family ‘run about time’.

Things to do in Edinburgh for kids
I would recommend the following child friendly activities. The swing parks at Inverleith Park next to the Botanical gardens is a great cheap day out.  Saughton Park has an amazing free skate park or the Meadows has some brilliant open spaces and free swing parks.

Princes street gardens has lots of space for children to run around and good picnic location. For indoor activities try the Museum of Scotland which is free and  close to the Royal Mile or take them a hike up Arthurs seat. Big hill next to the Palace of Holyrood at the bottom of the Royal Mile.

I made a 3 min video of top tourist attractions click here.  All of my photo are available on shutterstock.

Singletons and older people, it really depends on your preferences and fitness levels. Edinburgh is on a steep hill. There is considerable walking up and down hills. Navigating crowds and finding food & drink spots.

Can’t decide on which fringe show? It is a minefield, take the easy option and go see a collection of performers, such as comedians. They have shows called the Best of Irish comedy or the Best Comedy new comers. This way if someone humour does not resonate with you, the next act might. There are usually 3 performers and you are bound to like one of them.  If you attend later in August the national papers post daily reviews, which is a big help.

Edinburgh festival Fringe Ticket Venues & Ticket Collection

Pace yourself, plan ahead, make a schedule, work out your nearest ticket collection point or just fly by the seat of your pants. Waverley station now has a ticket collection point which is fabulous if you arrive by train. It is easy to find,  next to the Balmoral Hotel on Princes street.

Edinburgh festival free shows
Edinburgh Festival Fringe Royal Mile free shows

I  would normally only do 3 shows in a day due to the walking and crowds. Many of the fringe venues are in basements, small rooms and halls, they can get real hot due to lack of air conditioning so take this into consideration. Nights are cooler in some of these venues.

Dress attire/ safety. Wear comfortable clothes, good walking shoes, bring a cagoule, it will rain on and off. Bring a rucksack as you will be inundated with flyers from shows on the royal Mile or any big venue. If taking cameras, zip your bag to protect your wallets etc. Do not put wallets/purses near the top of a rucksack, make sure they are down at the bottom in case of ‘light fingers’ in the crowds. Can you see the mounted place officer is this photo? Thats how busy it gets!

Edinburgh  festival accommodation  

Accommodation: Edinburgh is very popular for AIR BB as many families leave the city during the festival and let our their homes. Edinburgh University and others have empty halls of residence that are available to rent. Check out accommodation here.

Youth hostels are a great cheap option: St Christophers’s Inn or SYHA.ORG.UK or Euro-hostels.co.uk/edinburgh or hostel world.com/hostels/edinburgh. Their are camp sites and caravan sites www.caravanclub.co.uk  Cheap hotels: Travelodge, Ibis, Premier Inn, local guest houses and bed/breakfast.

Transport to the Festival Fringe: A normal journey into Edinburgh will take longer. If going or returning to the airport, consider the tram. It is not affected by roadworks, crowds or traffic accidents. It takes about 30 mins and has many stops throughout the city centre.

CSC_0140 (1)

I hope this gives you a few starting points and things to consider. It really is a fantastic month.  Soak up the atmosphere, try a random show, change your usual comedian, try something completely different.

P.S  If you have a favourite restaurant then book at least 3/4 weeks in advance. Good restaurants include Dishoom, Forth Floor Harvey Nichols, Cafe Marlyene, Martin Wishart, Blondes, Olive Branch, Stockbridge Restaurant, Kyloe, Dustit Thai and L’Escargot Bleu.  (Some of my favourites).

Edinburgh is a city for all seasons, if you want to do Christmas in Edinburgh, wrap up warm, book accommodation asap and let me inspire you. Edinburgh Christmas Markets Click here:https://youtu.be/w_Us_pMRHLU

To buy film footage of my Edinburgh Christmas click here: Pond5.

Day Trips from Edinburgh

For an easy day trip to Stirling castle watch my fabulous 3 min video Stirling, the Wallace monument and the fabulous Kelpies. https://youtu.be/3aBeYhAHyc0

Stirling Castle, home to Mary Queen of Scots.
Stirling Castle, home to Mary Queen of Scots.

These are easy to reach destinations by train and then connect by bus or taxi. Stirling is 45 mins away in the car and it is the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots. The castle is a great day out and give yourself 2 hours here and enjoy the free guided tour. If visiting the Kelpies you will need to take a bus to Falkirk and connect.

I hope you can visit the festival. Thanks for reading.

Lou A.

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